August 2020 Flavor of the Month Card Kit

Bubbles! Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? Some may think they are for children put take out a bottle of bubbles and just see how many people would love to chase one down or wait for it to land on your finger so you can pop it!

This month’s kit is all about bubbles of all kinds…so grab a bottle of bubbles or go soak in a bubble bath and hop along as you see what the Design Team and guest designer have to share!

You can find this month’s kits under the Card Kits tab on the home page of the website.

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Be sure to check out the video HERE!

Let’s get to the cards!

Sketch 1


Sketch 2


Sketch 3


Sketch 4


Sneak Peek


Thanks for joining our hop!

Next is Desiree!

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